Unions declare victory for staff in TOR2 coronavirus pay cut row

09 Apr 2020
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TOR2 have U-turned on new plans for a 'coronavirus pay cut'

GMB Union and UNISON have welcomed the news that Torbay waste contractor TOR2 have now completely U-turned and withdrawn plans to force supervisors and managers to take a slap-in-the-face 'coronavirus pay cut'.

Despite refuse collection being classed as essential work by the UK Government, the group had asked several grades, including waste collection supervisors, to take pay cuts ranging from 7.5% to 20%, due to the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic

The Unions argued that there was no business case for the move, and accused the company is still taking exactly the same money from the taxpayers of Torbay and using it to subsidise problems elsewhere in the parent company Kier Group, using Coronavirus as a convenient excuse.

However after public pressure from Trade Unions and politicians, TOR2 reneged on its plans yesterday.

Matt Roberts, GMB Union Organiser said:

"We are delighted that TOR2's masters in the Kier Group have thought again, and thought better of taking money from the pockets of our hardworking members and from the taxpayers of Torbay who continued to pay the contract in full."

"From the moment this was announced, we were clear that we would take this all the way to the Employment Tribunal. Kier Group completely failed to consult with unions, or put forward any business case whatsoever, let alone one that would justify this Torbay wage theft."

"We raised this with Torbay Council, including the Leader and Deputy Leader, and Kevin Foster MP, who have been supportive of our members' cause, for which we thank them. This was very much driven by the Kier Group who own 80% of TOR2, and not the Council."

Charlie Woods, UNISON Organiser said:

“UNISON welcomes the news that these plans to cut wages of staff at Tor2 have now been scrapped.

“UNISON were clear with Tor2 Management that should these cuts be made, we would have taken legal action. At a time of crisis, we are glad to hear that these hardworking and essential workers will no longer be taken advantage of.”

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