'Urgent and necessary' government support for aviation must come with jobs guarantees

15 Mar 2020
Press Office

Press Office

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GMB, the union of aviation workers, has backed calls for Ministers to step in and give the industry the bail-out it needs but said it must come with iron guarantees from aviation employers that jobs and pay will be protected.

Virgin Atlantic Chairman Peter Norris will reportedly write to the Prime Minister on Monday to request a rescue package of up to £7.5 billion for the aviation industry.

Nadine Houghton, GMB National Officer said:

“Thousands of workers whose livelihoods depend on the aviation industry are at immediate risk as a result of this global pandemic.

“Government support is urgent and necessary to prevent otherwise viable businesses going to the wall as a result of this crisis, which would result in a jobs catastrophe and a domino effect.

“Ministers must not, however, write a blank cheque for irresponsible magnates to line their pockets or squirrel away offshore.

“State aid for aviation must have iron guarantees attached to protect jobs and pay of the many thousands of UK workers who depend directly and directly on aviation.

“The industry can recover and it will be essential for skilled workers already working for airlines and in the supply chain to be ready to pick up the job, but without a rescue package now the industry’s future hangs in the balance."

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