Virus fears over hospital cleaning cutback

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Monday 12 April 2021
GMB Trade Union - Virus fears over hospital cleaning cutback

Lewisham Hospital, are asking for the support of local residents to stand with GMB Union members as they protest a cut to cleaning within the hospital

Private contractor ISS who hold the cleaning, portering and catering contract within Lewisham and Greenwich NHS have revealed that they plan to cut 495 hours out of the cleaning contract.

This is the second hours and jobs cull the company have introduced since they took over the contract in February 2020.

There is increasing unrest in the hospital around the risk of cross-infection as cleaners are already struggling with impossible workloads and the company is advising ‘spot cleaning’ rather than thorough cleaning in some areas of the hospital.

Helen O’Connor, GMB Regional Organiser said:

“From day one, ISS have been failing the staff and the patients in Lewisham hospital.”

“The patients have been moved over from having fresh food to cook-chill food, while workers are consistently not being paid for hours they have worked.”

“GMB members are angry because ISS are constantly making detrimental changes that are cutting the quality of the services in the hospital.

“Many of our members have been seriously unwell with coronavirus themselves and they are very concerned that cuts to cleaning during a pandemic will kill hospital patients who are already unwell and very vulnerable.”

“GMB members will not stand by and allow a private company raking in huge profits to put patients at risk.

“Our members will be protesting outside the hospital at 3pm on Monday 12th April and they are asking the local community to stand with them and fight to protect services in their hospital.”

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