Walsall school's cuts will have 'devastating impact' on 100s of children

19 Nov 2020
Press Office

Press Office

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Up to 450 pupils could be affected by the changes at Barcroft Primary School, with many staff in fear of getting sacked if they don’t accept the cutbacks. 

If the proposed cuts go through the TAs, who provided essential help to teachers and primary school children right through the pandemic, could have their pay checks gutted as early as April. 

Justine Jones, GMB Organiser said: 

“Barcroft Primary School management are throwing working families’ lives into chaos just weeks before Christmas.  

“Teaching assistants provide much-needed support to our overworked and underpaid teachers. Is this any way to treat our key worker heroes? 

“This will have a devastating impact on the lives of the children they support, especially those that need extra help in the classroom, who will be left behind if these savage cuts are forced through.” 

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