Water companies need to prioritise ending ‘Water Poverty’

Posted by GMB Admin
Thursday 27 May 2021
GMB Trade Union - Water companies need to prioritise ending ‘Water Poverty’

Companies trousering huge profits while almost 2 million households unable to pay water bills shows skewed priorities

GMB is calling on water companies to do more to fight water poverty as new figures show almost two million people are unable to pay their bills.

Yesterday damning statistics revealed by the Council for Water (CCW) Showed that over a 1.7 million in Britian were in "water poverty", which it defines as having to spend more than 5% of their income after housing costs on water bills.

They claim that three million families were close to slipping into this category. 

The CCW also council revealed that some families were even skipping meals to pay bills. 

GMB, the union representing workers in the industry has slammed England’s private water companies, demanding that they spend more on fighting Water poverty. 

Gary Carter, GMB national officer said: 

“The water industry needs to get its skewed priorities right. Tackling water poverty should be at the forefront of their minds and their business plans.  

“These are very profitable companies and they need to do more for struggling customers, the environment and their employees. 

“There is no reason why water companies can’t give additional help with their water bills and end to water poverty. Water is a natural resource that belongs to us all.”  

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