We cannot tolerate women workers still being chronically underpaid

12 Nov 2020
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Press Office

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GMB responds to Higher Education Policy report on graduate gender pay gap

GMB, Britain’s General Union, has responded to the Higher Education Policy’s new report on gender pay gap between graduates.

Nell Andrews, GMB National Equality Officer, said:

“This report, while shocking, is not surprising. It confirms what we already know that men are more willing or more able to be able to move to enhance their career prospects, to undertake internships and to hold out for better paid full-time roles.

“The elephant in the room is that we know women are less likely or less able to take part in these career enhancing opportunities as they are still significantly more likely to have caring responsibilities.

“It’s 2020 - we cannot tolerate women workers still being chronically underpaid, undervalued and losing out on career prospects, despite being on a level footing with qualifications and talent.

“The Government must hold firm on its promises on flexible working, by design, from day one.”

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