Wilko slashes sick pay for tens of thousands of workers

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Thursday 5 March 2020
GMB Trade Union - Wilko slashes sick pay for tens of thousands of workers

GMB members are furious Wilko would turn on them and impose draconian cuts

Wilko is set to slash sick pay for tens of thousands of retail and distribution workers.

The company plans to cut sick pay entitlement for every member of staff in stores and distribution centres. There will be no company sick pay after the first occasion of sickness. Anyone who has been with the company for less than a year is entitled to no sick pay at all from Wilko.

Even long-standing staff will only be eligible for sick pay on one occasion per year.

The retail giant only narrowly avoided strike action last year over ‘punishing’ changes to their weekend working rota.

Gary Carter, GMB National Officer, said:

“GMB members were prepared for industrial action over punishing weekend rotas. Only last ditch talks at ACAS prevented a strike which would have crippled the supply to stores. 

“Now Wilko management wants to cut sick pay for staff in stores and for distribution workers.

“GMB members are furious that Wilko would turn on its dedicated workforce and slash company sick pay. What has Wilko become?

“Picking a fight with your workforce by imposing draconian cuts to sick pay is no way for a modern employer to act. 

“This will have a negative impact on both the business, while hard-working employees will be pushed into poverty because they won’t be able to pay their bills if they are sick.

“Other workers will be forced to come into stores when sick because Wilko has taken away their sick pay. 

“GMB members are rightly going to fight this and their union will support them.”

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