Yodel 'risks exposing delivery drivers to coronavirus'

03 Apr 2020
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Press Office

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Delivery service Yodel has come under fire from GMB Union after its Lichfield site was caught forcing workers to go without protective equipment.  

No gloves, masks or hand sanitiser was given to the drivers, who have to deliver hundreds of parcels to hundreds of customers every shift.  

A worker with a cough and a fever was reportedly mocked by management and told to go to work, despite official Government advice to stay home.  

The worker’s GMB representative was also subject to abuse, with management trying to gloss over the danger even with the country in lockdown.  

Ian Edwards, GMB Organiser said: 

“Yodel has been caught in the act, exposing delivery drivers to Coronavirus with its reckless disregard for its workers’ lives and the lives of their families. 

“It’s times like this when we see a company’s true colours. Yodel has decided to protect its profit instead of its people.  

“This will keep happening until workers act to take back power in the workplace, and we’re seeing massive numbers of people joining unions and getting protected. “ 

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