Will writing service

UnionLine offers a free simple will writing service for union members and their partners, with discount rates if you require something more complex.

Getting a will

Unionline offers a free simple will writing service for GMB members, with discount rates if you require something more complex.

Making your will with UnionLine couldn’t be easier.

Simply call UnionLine on 0300 333 0303 and they will send you a will pack with all the information you need for UnionLine to draft your simple will.

The will pack includes a questionnaire for you to fill in. Once you send it back to Unionline, they will be able to draft a simple will based on the information in the questionnaire.

If you live in Scotland or Northern Ireland, you will still be eligible for a free simple will under your GMB membership, but you will be sent the questionnaire from a specialist firm in your region.

You may need something more complex than a simple will – for example if you own a business or require advice on inheritance tax. More complex wills could incur a charge, but this will always be agreed with you in advance.

UnionLine are able to provide a no obligation quote for a more complex will.

Why should I make a will?

You do not have to make a will, but there are many reasons why a will may be beneficial to you and your family:

  • Gives you peace of mind and certainty
  • Ensures your beloved assets go to the right people
  • Provides for your partner if you are not married
  • Ensures you do not pay more inheritance tax than necessary
  • Allows you to appoint guardians to look after your children

For more information and to receive your free simple will pack, call UnionLine on 0300 333 0303

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