Central Executive Council (CEC)

The Central Executive Council (CEC) is the lay member governing body of GMB.

Central Executive Council

The CEC is headed by the lay member President Barbara Plant (GMB Southern Region) and Vice President Malcolm Sage (GMB Midlands Region).

For practical reasons its business is run by three committees, Finance & General Purposes, Organising, Political, European and International.

List of CEC Members

A list of the GMB CEC Members and their positions, as at the commencement of the term of office – 3rd December 2019.

CEC Seat Name Region
General Seat Gordon Gibbs Birmingham & West Midlands
Commercial Services Section Seat Margaret Clarke Birmingham & West Midlands
Manufacturing Section Seat Gordon Richardson Birmingham & West Midlands
Fine Manufacturing Section Seat Peter Meyrick Birmingham & West Midlands
Public Services Section Seat Richard Clarke Birmingham & West Midlands
Women's Reserved Seat Viv Smart Birmingham & West Midlands
General Seat Penny Robinson London
General Seat Dean Gilligan London
Commercial Services Section Seat Danny Faith London
Manufacturing Section Seat Shailesh Gaglani London
Public Services Section Seat Gary Harris London
Women's Reserved Seat Sarah Hurley London
General Seat Malcolm Sage Midland & East Coast
Commercial Services Section Seat Carol Clarkson Midland & East Coast
Manufacturing Section Seat Shane Allinson Midland & East Coast
Public Services Section Seat Alan Woodward Midland & East Coast
Women's Reserved Seat Carol Robertson Midland & East Coast
General Seat John Warcup Northern
Commercial Services Section Seat Mike Carr Northern
Manufacturing Section Seat Seat Vacant Northern
Public Services Section Seat Seat Vacant Northern
Women's Reserved Seat Mary Hutchinson Northern
General Seat David Flanagan North West & Irish
General Seat Lorraine Winson North West & Irish
General Seat (Northern Ireland) Seat Vacant North West & Irish
Commercial Services Section Seat Cath Sutton North West & Irish
Manufacturing Section Seat Robert Welham North West & Irish
Public Services Section Seat David Hope North West & Irish
Women's Reserved Seat Margaret Gregg North West & Irish
General Seat Kevin Buchanan GMB Scotland
Commercial Services Section Seat Seat Vacant GMB Scotland
Manufacturing Section Seat John Dolan GMB Scotland
Public Services Section Seat June Minnery GMB Scotland
Women's Reserved Seat Anne Dean GMB Scotland
General Seat Donna Spicer Southern
General Seat Andy Newman Southern
Commercial Services Section Seat Charlotte Gardner Southern
Manufacturing Section Seat Seat Vacant Southern
Public Services Section Seat Barbara Plant Southern
Women's Reserved Seat Kathy Abu Bakir Southern
General Seat Seat Vacant GMB Wales & South West
Commercial Services Section Seat Sandra Daniell GMB Wales & South West
Manufacturing Section Seat Brian Farr GMB Wales & South West
Public Services Section Seat Kevin Jones GMB Wales & South West
Women's Reserved Seat Gwylan Brinkworth GMB Wales & South West
General Seat Kevan Hensby Yorkshire & North Derbyshire
Commercial Services Section Seat Susan Walker Yorkshire & North Derbyshire
Manufacturing Section Seat Cath Pinder Yorkshire & North Derbyshire
Public Services Section Seat David McLean Yorkshire & North Derbyshire
Women's Reserved Seat Amanda Burley Yorkshire & North Derbyshire
National Race Reserved Seat Elaine Daley Birmingham & West Midlands
National Race Reserved Seat Warinder Juss Birmingham & West Midlands
National Race Reserved Seat Colin Gunter Midland & East Coast
National Race Reserved Seat Robbie Scott London
National Race Reserved Seat Evelyn Martin London
National LGBT+ Reserved Seat Arron Bevan-John GMB Wales & South West
National LGBT+Women's Reserved Seat Fiona Heneghan Southern
National Disabled Reserved Seat Tracey Ashton Midland & East Coast
National Disabled Women's Reserved Seat Farzana Jumma Yorkshire & North Derbyshire
National Young Members Reserved Seat Rachael Hookway London
National Young Members Women's Reserved Seat Samanta Zubrute Midland & East Coast
General Secretary Gary Smith

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