What can reps do?

GMB Reps already often play a huge role in supporting individual members experiencing domestic abuse in their workplace. However, some workers never come forward, for fear of not being believed or supported - because they don’t know that GMB and the employer can support them.

The Work to Stop Domestic Abuse campaign is a way to collectivise the way we support members - to make the protection and support available to workers experiencing domestic abuse more visible and accessible to everyone in the workplace, from day one on the job.

This includes employers ensuring that we have employees trained across organisations, including line managers and trade union representatives.

We need GMB reps and branch secretaries to lead the call for better protection in the workplace of those who experience domestic abuse, and to negotiate this at a local level.

Want to know more about how to support the campaign? Please contact the GMB National Equality and Inclusion Department on equalityinclusion@gmb.org.uk or your regional equality officer.

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