What is GMB campaigning for?

GMB believes that all workplaces should be inclusive for workers experiencing the menopause.

This includes:

  • a workplace menopause policy covering all workers experiencing the menopause including training for managers

Reasonable adjustments including:

  • Access to drinking water
  • Access to fan/ air con/or to work near a window
  • Changes to, or extra uniform where needed
  • Flexible working, including homeworking – where this is appropriate
  • Changes to shift patterns or hours where needed
  • Toilet breaks as needed
  • Any menopause related sickness to be removed from capabilities process

Interested in finding out more about how you can get involved in the GMB’s campaign for more inclusive workplaces? Speak to your rep or branch secretary.

I have had a long and successful career with South East Coast Ambulance service as a paramedic.

At the age of 54 I was suffering Menopausal symptoms that were inhibiting my ability to work shifts on an Ambulance and in particular night shifts, as the disruption of my sleep pattern increased my physical symptoms, requiring myself to need station facilities more than what was practical during the shift.

I genuinely thought my career was over and all that came with it.

My Union rep and manager informed me of SECamb’s new menopause policy, which would navigate me to some reasonable adjustments.

This was achieved and has seen a reduction of my nights to a more even spread of daytime and twilight shifts.

This arrangement is constantly under review with the support of this policy and I now feel confident and empowered to continue my career on the journey I always envisaged.

GMB member, SECamb Employee, Paramedic

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