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Protecting workers from Covid-19

March 2020

GMB is leading the way on behalf of our members at this extremely worrying time for you and your family.

GMB is in regular contact and dialogue with Government and their departments in seeking to influence the policy agenda; we understand advice and guidance changes on almost a daily basis. There are regular updates posted on our national website, which you can access by following this link: https://www.gmb.org.uk/news

In terms of your own specific employer, GMB has sent recent correspondence to the Chief Executive of TICI. In this we sought confirmation and clarification around what provisions are in place to control the risk of exposure to coronavirus; we appreciate that some of these provisions change on a regular basis, nevertheless confirmation on what employers have put in place on health, safety and welfare provision and risk assessment specific to Covid 19 is essential. GMB is also seeking confirmation around pay e.g. for example around workers who are required to self- isolate.

We had the TICI National Joint Committee (NJC) on 26 March 2020 meeting by way of a Skype type conference call, where we again raised the points listed in the prior communication. During this call we also sought to get enhanced pay protections in place where there was a need to furlough employees and to get a relaxation of the current Wellplan sick pay arrangements. TICI as you know is the industry association and as such could not answer for every signatory employer to the association. However, they have agreed to conduct a survey of these said signatory employers to establish as much of an industry wide picture as possible on all of these points.

As well as communication from National Office, our GMB Regional Organisers, Lay GMB Conveners and Shop Stewards are in regular meetings and dialogue to manage this developing situation locally. Therefore, please keep in touch with them, as they will have a much clearer picture locally than TICI as an association would. TICI has confirmed they are taking into account the ever- changing government guidance. Some TICI signatory employers have already stated that, any delay to the Government job retention scheme payments for furloughed employees, could result in some firms going into administration. GMB has already raised this point with the Government.

GMB will seek to provide regular communication updates through multiple platforms. Thank you for your continued support.


Yours sincerley,

Ross Murdoch

GMB National Office


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