Almost 200 floor manufacturers stage three week strike

Posted by GMB Admin
Wednesday 28 September 2022
GMB Trade Union - Almost 200 floor manufacturers stage three week strike

Polyflor dished out £24 million to shareholders, GMB members deserve a proper pay rise too

Almost 200 workers at a Manchester floor company are staging three weeks’ solid strike action, 

Staff at Polyflor Ltd, in Manchester, will down tools until 14 October. 

Pickets will be staged from 8 to 10am and 4 to 6pm, Monday to Thursday, outside the factory on Radcliffe New Road, M45  

Workers voted to strike over a pay dispute. Shortly after they received a message from the company saying ‘process shifts for process workers continue to be suspended...please do not turn up for your shift(s) from 6am on Monday 5th September.’ 

The company is a leading manufacturer of vinyl floor coverings. 

Stephen Boden, GMB Regional Organiser, said: 

“These dedicated workers are suffering from the worst cost of living crisis in a generation, rising interest rates and a crumbling economy. 

“They need help from the company, and instead their getting vindictive attacks. 

“Polyflor has money – it dished out £24 million to shareholders.  

“The workers who prop up the company need a proper pay rise too.” 

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