Amber Rudd on Centrica board 'wrong person at wrong time'

10 Jan 2022
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GMB, the union for British Gas workers, says the appointment of Amber Rudd to parent company Centrica’s board is ‘the wrong person at the wrong time’. 

As Energy Minister, Ms Rudd prioritised the market  - which has spectacularly failed leaving confusion for millions of consumers after their supplier went bust, the union says. 

GMb says her policies also left the UK’s energy security in a shambles, meaning the public are exposed to price spikes

Andy Prendergast, GMB National Secretary, said: 

“Amber Rudd’s appointment to the board of Centrica is simply the wrong person at the wrong time. 

“Her business background is questionable and her role as energy minister is marked by forcefully pushing for the competition system which has spectacularly failed over the last six months.  

“Aside from turning up with a phone packed with the numbers of current serving Ministers, it is difficult to see what she brings to the company except to provide an example of the revolving door that exists between ex-Ministers and the very businesses that they were supposed to policing whilst in power.” 

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