Eastbourne refuse collectors strike after 'misleading' statement from council

Posted by GMB Admin
Thursday 6 January 2022
GMB Trade Union - Eastbourne refuse collectors strike after 'misleading' statement from council

Eastbourne’s bin strike is set to go ahead tomorrow after the council issued a ‘misleading’ public statement.

GMB members working as waste collection HGV drivers will walk out on New Year’s Eve, 7 January 2022 and 10 January 2022 - with further dates to be announced.

Almost 50,000 households could be affected.

GMB met with council bosses yesterday, where they offered drivers approximately £12.30 per hour - a far cry from the drivers claim for £13.50 per hour – still considerably lower than the industry standard.

Instead of waiting for drivers to vote on the new offer, the council made a public statement outlining the deal.

Declan MacIntyre, GMB Organiser, said:

“All our drivers want is the going rate for HGV drivers – so they can make ends meet in an expensive part of the country.

"For the council to offer well below that shows they’re not serious about their workers and not serious about preventing disruption to 50,000 Eastbourne residents.

“For them to issue a misleading statement before their drivers have had time to vote on it shows a distinct lack of respect.

“The last thing these drivers want to do is strike – and they are so sorry about the impact this will have on the people of Eastbourne – but the barbaric working conditions they suffer leave them with no choice.”

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