Swissport workers accept inflation busting pay rise

Posted by GMB Admin
Tuesday 4 January 2022
GMB Trade Union - Swissport workers accept inflation busting pay rise

GMB, the union for aviation staff, today announced that members working at Swissport, who provide baggage handling and check in services at a large number of airports across the UK, have voted to accept an inflation busting pay rise.

The pay rise, worth 8.54%, will be paid in January along with back pay and a retention bonus of £1,000 for staff who remain in post until October 2022. This represents a real increase to GMB members after a difficult two years, during which many have been furloughed as the industry has struggled through the pandemic.

Large numbers of members will also see extra increases due to the resolution of a long-standing differential issue at some of the airports.

Andy Prendergast, GMB National Secretary, said:

“Our members have voted strongly in favour of this pay rise, which goes some way to rewarding them for their hard work during a very difficult period.

“We know the aviation industry has been hit hard throughout the pandemic, but our members have really worked to keep cargo moving and to ensure that as the numbers travelling have gone up, staff have been ready to check people in and keep things moving.

“It will be some time before volumes match the levels seen before the pandemic, but we are pleased that this award will help keep staff in post and ensure that as numbers continue to increase, the airports will be ready.”

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