Big questions on Matt Hancock’s capacity to handle the job

26 May 2021
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Today’s revelations are further draining away the trust people had in the Health Secretary after GMB Union raised concerns last year

GMB, the union for health and social care staff have questioned Matt Hancock’s capacity to handle the brief after damning testimony from the Government’s ex chief advisor.

In a revealing four-hour testimony today, Dominic Cummings raised questions over the UK Government’s response to the pandemic.

He also publicly questioned the Health Secretary's handling of the crisis, accusing him of lying 15 to 20 times and blaming others for PPE failings that he had overseen.

GMB raised concerns last year that Matt Hancock had ‘serious questions to answer’ after downgrading the public health advice over PPE last year.

The union believe the testimony has shown a ‘distinct lack of taste and leadership’ and raised question marks over his capacity to continue in the role of Health Secretary.

Rehana Azam, GMB National Secretary, said:

“We warned last year that Matt Hancock failed to get a grip on the crisis.

“What’s clear now is that it’s not only us that felt this way, but the Prime Minister’s chief advisor had no faith in him and didn’t believe he told the truth on numerous occasions.

“The revelation he was trying to shift blame for PPE shortages onto the NHS and the treasury when in fact they were his own, show a distinct lack of taste and leadership.

“All the while GMB members in health and social care were fighting on the frontline, under resourced and underprepared.

“Some have even died from contracting the virus due to the lack of PPE.

“There are big questions about Matt Hancock’s capacity to handle the job.

“Unless he answers them thoroughly, he’s unfit for office and should be sacked - If he worked in any other industry, he probably already would have been.”

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