Black Eye Friday: Paramedics near breaking point as attacks rise on festive booze up

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20 Dec 2019
Press Office

Press Office

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Black Eye Friday tonight will see ambulance services up and down the country close to breaking point, GMB ambulance members say.

The last Friday before Christmas is notoriously chaotic as people celebrate the end of the working year.

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But the revelry results in one of the busiest days for accident and emergency departments and ambulance staff.

After ten years of Conservative cuts, services will be close to breaking point tonight.

Paul Turner, GMB Paramedic, said:

“Tonight, while most of the country is out celebrating the start of the Christmas break, ambulance staff will be getting spat at and attacked while they try and save people’s lives.

“Meanwhile a lack of beds, the winter pressure and ten years of funding cuts mean we just can’t help all the people we should do.

“Our ambulance service desperately needs to be funded properly, but until then we hope everyone remembers the strain our ambulance crews are under while they enjoy themselves tonight.”


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