'Bleak Friday' for ASOS workers at Barnsley

06 Dec 2018
Press Office

Press Office

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Today is a bleak Friday for ASOS workers at the Barnsley distribution warehouse as thousands of workers frantically pick and pack to meet the demands of customers, whilst little regard is paid to their health and safety by the retail giant.

Companies like ASOS should be treating staff with respect, not treating them like robots.

Our members tell us about attacks to their terms and conditions, reductions to sick pay, on-site bullying by management and unregulated pick-rates, which mean people have to work until they drop.  GMB is here to provide a voice for our members and achieve dignity at work.

Deanne Ferguson, GMB Organiser

GMB Union, the true voice of ASOS workers, has been outside ASOS since 5am this morning speaking to workers as they entered and left the site.

It’s a bleak day for us all when profits are put before the health and safety of workers.

I've been outside ASOS since 5am this morning and was staggered to hear first-hand, toilets have been out of order for days and the site is literally full to the rafters with workers who don't have enough equipment to work safely and effectively.

Neil Derrick, GMB Regional Secretary

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