Clarification needed after complaints against hospital manager

Posted by GMB Admin
Friday 27 January 2023
GMB Trade Union - Clarification needed after complaints against hospital manager

GMB, the union for the NHS, have written to management at Frimley Health NHS Trust to ask for clarification on why a manager has not been suspended after being made subject of a formal grievance.

The grievance was submitted by the union on behalf of 27 women employed within the trust.

The union understands that despite the grievance making specific reference to ‘not feeling comfortable’ around him, the manager in question has been moved to an admin role rather than suspended, and thus remains working on site.

David McMullen, GMB Regional Organiser said:

“All GMB is asking for is clarification as to why the trust’s management has not followed the ACAS code of practice [1], when dealing with what we deem as a serious complaint.

“Our concern is for the welfare of our members, who bravely put their heads above the parapet to complain about their treatment at the hands of a manager.

“Being suspended is not a punishment, but a neutral act designed to allow for a transparent investigation and to ensure that no clandestine conversations or witness intimidation can take place.

“Instead, what we are seeing is another example of an employer protecting the rights of one individual man rather than believing the testimony of a large number of women, as has been illustrated by numerous cases elsewhere in the public sector.

“These women deserve protecting at work under the law and GMB believes that the trust is failing in its duty to do so.”

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