Compulsory NHS vaccine will add to 'crushing' staffing crisis

Posted by GMB Admin
Tuesday 9 November 2021
GMB Trade Union - Compulsory NHS vaccine will add to 'crushing' staffing crisis

Staff are already leaving and this will force many more to go - as we are already seeing in social care

GMB Union says the compulsory health worker vaccine is a heavy handed approach that risks exacerbate the already 'crushing' staffing crisis.

Rachel Harrison, GMB National Officer, said:

"GMB is opposed to legally enforced medical procedures as a condition of employment - it's heavy-handed, rudimentary approach from the Secretary of State.

"More holistic approaches should be explored and implemented - understanding and addressing the reasons for vaccine hesitancy amongst a relatively small portion of the health and social care workforce. 

"GMB has proactively promoted the vaccine - the Government should look at what has worked so far and where more can be done. 


"A large survey of GMB members across social care, ambulance and the NHS showed almost 60% do not support making the vaccine compulsory, with up to 12% of workers in some ambulance trusts unvaccinated.

"Bulldozing this vaccine will exacerbate the already crushing staffing crisis we face across the NHS and ambulance services. 

"Both are operating under extreme pressures, after a decade of austerity and cuts, with an exhausted and demoralised workforce who are fearful of what is to come as we head through winter. 

"Staff are already leaving their employment and this will certainly force many more to go, as we are currently witnessing in adult residential social care as a result of this legislative change to their employment." 

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