GMB to ballot NHS workers over 'miserable pay cut'

Posted by GMB Admin
Monday 25 October 2021
GMB Trade Union - GMB to ballot NHS workers over 'miserable pay cut'

GMB is to ballot tens of thousands of NHS workers for strike action over the insulting 3% ‘pay cut’ offered.

The industrial action ballot will open on November 10 and close December 15.

Any strikes would take place in the new year.

More than 9 out of 10 GMB members in the NHS have rejected the Government’s pay offer of 3% - which is below inflation and amounts to a real term pay cut.

GMB has been campaigning for a restorative increase of 15%, or £2 per hour - whichever is highest -to replace what has been lost from NHS pay packets over the last decade.

The union was the only one to reject the last NHS pay deal in 2018.

Rachel Harrison, GMB National Officer, said:

“After their heroic efforts during the pandemic, NHS workers are now being asked to swallow this miserable pay cut.

“A 3% pay offer does not restore a decade of real terms pay cuts, doesn’t recognise their covid efforts; is below inflation and will not cover the proposed increase in national insurance and pensions contributions.

“It is in fact, a pay cut.

“The NHS is facing a staffing crisis and is creaking under the pressure of the pandemic.

“A pay award like this – is a slap in the face for all health workers and is not the way to fix things.

“NHS workers deserve a restorative 15% pay increase, not this derisory offering.”

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