Croydon Hospital workers form Strike Committee over Covid sick pay

Posted by GMB Admin
Tuesday 8 February 2022
GMB Trade Union - Croydon Hospital workers form Strike Committee over Covid sick pay

Cleaners and porters working at Croydon Hospital have formed a strike committee over the lack of covid sick pay.

The workers, employed by outsourcing giant G4S, have told their union GMB they want to be balloted for industrial action.

GMB members say they are being silenced and intimidated by their employer who is stopping overtime when they raise genuine concerns.

A consultative industrial action ballot is currently underway and will finish on 21st February.

Dozens of cleaners and porters protested outside the hospital on 31st January in anger at not receiving full sick pay during covid-related absences,

Helen O’Connor GMB Organiser said:

“Our members have had enough of being silenced by the bullying tactics of G4S management.

“They are determined to fight hard to get the covid sick pay they deserve and ensure hospital patients are kept safe from cross infection.

“These workers have already won huge support from the public and other staff groups in the trust – doctors are offering their support too.

“Our members are growing in confidence and we have told the trust that this problem isn’t going away until the dispute is properly resolved.

“We urge the trust and G4S to listen to these legitimate concerns - this situation simply cannot continue."

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