Doctors back Croydon Hospital workers' fight for covid sick pay

Posted by GMB Admin
Wednesday 26 January 2022
GMB Trade Union - Doctors back Croydon Hospital workers' fight for covid sick pay

Doctors have backed Croydon Hospital workers’ fight for covid sick pay.

The doctors - who represent the British Medical Association on the Local Negotiating Committee - have pledged to support a GMB protest outside the hospital on 31 January 2022.

They have also written to the CEO of Croydon University Hospital to appeal for him to directly intervene to ensure workers receive the London Living Wage and occupational sick pay.

Outsourcing giant G4S - which holds the cleaning and portering contract with Croydon University Hospital NHS Trust - has stopped paying covid sick pay to employees, leaving workers reliant on statutory sick pay.

Helen O’Connor, GMB Organiser, said:

“Our members have seen the letter the doctors have written to Croydon NHS on their behalf and they are delighted with it.

“These doctors recognise porters and domestic staff are vital to the running of the hospital.

“These workers want to be part of the NHS family and they want the other staff in the hospital to know how unfairly they are being treated and to support them in this dispute.

“GMB welcomes their intervention we hope that the trust will listen to these highly experienced clinicians and pay our members fairly.”

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