Cumberland's urgent care team to strike

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Monday 11 March 2024
GMB Trade Union - Cumberland's urgent care team to strike

Cumberland's urgent care team is set for strike action

Approved Mental Health social workers in the Urgent Care Team, who have been fighting for more than two years for a job evaluation, will walk out for 48 hours from 9am 15 March to 9am 17 March.

The Urgent Care Team is on the front line of mental health care – on call across Cumbria 24 hours a day and making on the spot decisions on whether immediate detention is necessary.

In July 2022, these dedicated professionals applied for a regrading of their role, believing it was incorrectly evaluated.

Cumberland Council denied their request.

Now, following a successful strike vote, the members have been forced to take industrial action.

Fran Robson, GMB Organiser, said:

“Cumberland’s Urgent Care Team does an extremely difficult, often dangerous, and always emotionally draining job.

"They are on the front line at all hours, conducting Mental Health Act assessments in a range of settings including people homes. They regularly deal with situations where immediate detention may be necessary for safety concerns making decisions which can conflict with an individual's wishes.

“But Cumberland Council has completely refused to recognise the emotional toll our members face while navigating distressing and sometimes dangerous situations.

“They have undermined the professionalism and expertise of these dedicated professionals.

"GMB members in the Urgent Care Team have been left with no choice but to strike to get the recognitions they deserve.”

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