GMB slams ‘cynical and opportunistic’ BA

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Thursday 7 May 2020
GMB Trade Union - GMB slams ‘cynical and opportunistic’ BA

GMB has slammed British Airways (BA) after firm announced 12,000 job cuts and swingeing attacks on pay and conditions while trousering a fortune in taxpayer cash.

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The airline announced the cuts after claiming hundreds of thousands in tax payer funds through the Government's Job Retention Scheme - the very aim of which is to protect jobs and mitigate redundancies.

GMB has also accused BA of double dipping after the company received £300m from the Coronavirus Corporate Finance Facility to boost liquidity, despite IAG claiming that it was already in a 'very strong liquidity position'.

Nadine Houghton, GMB national officer said:

"To say the actions of BA are cynical and opportunistic does not do justice to the scale and audacity of the current attack on a loyal, skilled and committed workforce.

“Our national carrier is trying to use this crisis to off-shore jobs and attack workers, whilst double-dipping into tax-payer’s pocket.

“We’re looking forward to MP’s grilling the BA management team at the Transport Select Committee on Monday.

“I’m sure they, like us would like to know why the company has used state funds aimed at protecting livelihoods to give BA shareholders a competitive advantage.

"Unions, politicians and the public can see the actions for what they are. Our members are resolute, BA won’t be allowed to get away with this."

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