Government and Greybull must save British Steel

Posted by GMB Admin
Tuesday 21 May 2019
GMB Trade Union - Government and Greybull must save British Steel

Government, signed UK Steel Charter yesterday - now they must put money where mouth is

GMB, the union for steelworkers, has written to British Steel to demand they work with the government to save Scunthorpe’s steelworks and thousands of highly skilled jobs.

It is thought British Steel - the UK's second-biggest steel maker – will go bust if it does not get  £75 million in financial support to help it to address "Brexit-related issues".

If the firm does not get the cash it would put 4,000 jobs at risk and endanger 20,000 in the supply chain

GMB has this morning written to British Steel demanding answers urgently.

Ross Murdoch, GMB National Officer, said:

“Given this latest speculation, these are understandably extremely difficult times for our members.”

“Yesterday the Government, alongside trade unions and employers, signed a UK Steel Charter at Westminster.

“They must now put their money where their mouth is.

“GMB calls on the Government and Greybull to redouble efforts to save this proud steelworks and the highly skilled jobs.”

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