Wedgwood consultation on job cuts ends

02 May 2019
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GMB, the union for the potteries, has responded to the end of Wedgwood consolation into job cuts.

Fiskar’s, Wedgwood’s Finnish owners, today said that only 103 jobs would go, instead of the initial 145.

Last week it emerged Wedgwood had been given £5 million of public money to create and safeguard jobs at its Barlaston factory.

Amanda Gearing, GMB Senior Organiser, said:

“Obviously we’re happy that less of our members are about to have their jobs taken away from them – but it’s still devastating news.

“This is a company that received more than £5 million of taxpayer cash to create and keep jobs in the potteries.

“Yet here they are, slashing jobs and whisking production overseas.

“It’s a scandal of epic proportions - this money should be immediately returned to the public purse

“Why should the taxpayer pay for a Finnish company to take British jobs overseas?

“Fiskars say they’re reducing complexity in their business - there’s nothing complicated about this smash and grab of public funds to profit big business.”

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