Government u-turn on free parking for NHS and social care workers 'beyond belief'

Posted by GMB Admin
Friday 28 May 2021
GMB Trade Union - Government u-turn on free parking for NHS and social care workers 'beyond belief'

Government sink to a new low, as free car parking for NHS and social care workers secretly removed

The UK Government has sunk to a new low, as they secretly remove access to free car parking for health and social care key workers

At the start of the pandemic, GMB and other unions asked Ministers to waive car parking charges for social care and NHS staff whilst they were travelling to and from work as an essential measure in keeping these key workers safe.

Despite conflicting messages from the UK Government, the pandemic is far from over as we see infection rates on the increase.

car park

So, the fact that they now think it’s ok to amend guidance without consultation with or notification to trade unions, and unilaterally ending free parking for NHS staff by June 2021 is beyond belief.

The UK Government needs to immediately and urgently intervene and ensure NHS & Social Care staff continue to have access to free parking as a priority.


Rehana Azam, GMB National Secretary said:

“It's clear Minister’s priorities are all in the wrong places and some are increasingly becoming the penny-pinching bad bosses we see in the private sector.

“They might have thought they’d get away with secretly lifting free parking for NHS & social care staff - well they can think again.

“We know the public are on our side.

“The government need to back down and continue with the free parking we secured at the start of the pandemic. If they don’t, they risk stirring up an already demoralised workforce who will want to respond strongly to resist further cuts to their pay, terms, and conditions.”

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