Water Barons should use buckets of profit to ‘clean up act’

01 Jun 2021
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GMB has called on Britain’s Water companies to invest ‘bumper profits’ in cleaning up Britain’s bathing points

GMB, the union for Water Workers, has called on water companies to ‘clean up their act’ and use their bumper profits to clean up Britain’s dirty water systems.  

This week the UK came bottom of the European league table for water quality, with Only 110 coastal and inland sites were judged excellent in the latest bathing water quality data from Europe’s environmental watchdog. 

That leaves the UK rock bottom in Europe behind Poland, with less than one in five of bathing points rated excellent. 

GMB is accusing privatised water companies of making buckets of profits but ‘waiving their responsibilities’. 

Last week damning statistics were revealed by the Council for Water (CCW) which showed over 1.7 million in Britain were in "water poverty", which it defines as having to spend more than 5% of their income after housing costs on water bills. 

The statistics also revealed that 5 million families were at risk of falling into Water Poverty. 

Gary Carter, GMB national officer said: 

“It was water poverty last week, and now water quality this week: there’s a consistent message here isn’t there?  

“Private water companies are making buckets of profit, whilst they waive their responsibilities - it’s time they clean up their act. 

“We believe that Britain deserves the best water quality in Europe, it’s disgraceful that UK is at rock bottom of the table. 

“At last we’ve got some good weather and families should be able to enjoy UK waters and not worry about what lurks beneath.” 

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