Indefinite bin strike looms in South Tyneside

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Wednesday 5 June 2024
GMB Trade Union - Indefinite bin strike looms in South Tyneside

Refuse workers in South Tyneside start a vote on continuous industrial action today

Since the last period of strike action, the GMB Union workplace representative has been suspended alongside other active union member colleagues.

The workers, who have already undertaken six previous sets of strike dates, continue to be ignored by council management.

The ballot will close June 14. South Tyneside now faces strike action during the general election campaign period.

Mark Wilson, GMB regional organiser, said:

“Refuse workers in South Tyneside are at the end of their tether. This situation should have been sorted nine months ago.

“We are in this situation because council management thought suspending workers was a better idea than listening to their concerns. A blatant case of trade union victimisation.

“Any future disruption is entirely their doing. And is within their power to stop.”

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