Independent Investigation

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Wednesday 2 September 2020
GMB Trade Union - Independent Investigation

The independent investigation has concluded.

The independent investigation into sexual harassment at GMB has concluded. For progress updates on the implementation of the recommendations please click here

You can find the initial terms of reference here and a Frequently Asked Questions document here

GMB wants to thank everyone who made submissions, gave evidence and spoke to Karon Monaghan QC, who conducted the independent investigation.

We know that coming forward may have been incredibly difficult, but all your contributions will help GMB become a better, safer and more inclusive organisation in the future.

The report makes difficult reading and highlights a number of serious issues that our union must face up to and tackle. 

GMB fights for equality, inclusion and social justice for all. It is clear from this report that our union is not living up to the values we aspire to for our members in their workplaces. 

As the report says, fundamental change is required if GMB is to meet its promise to women in the union and to women in society more widely.

The union will take time to thoroughly understand this report and its recommendations and to assess the actions that need to be taken to deliver the level of transformational change in our culture and ways of working that are clearly required. Our Central Executive Council (CEC) will make this a priority. 

We have published the entire report because transparency is needed and - it is owed to those who have a stake in GMB. 

Read the report

GMB members have been organising and fighting for workers’ rights for over 130 years, and there’s a lot that we can be proud of. However, having commissioned this report, now is the time that we must reaffirm our commitment to equality and inclusion for all, a union that truly lives by the values that we all hold close to our hearts. 

Barbara Plant, GMB National President said: 

"Karon's report makes sad and difficult reading.  On behalf of GMB, I apologise to all those who have experienced sexual harassment or bullying within the union. 

“It’s clear that real and lasting change is needed for us to become a safe and inclusive place for all. 

“Under the leadership of the Central Executive Council, the union will now act on the report's recommendations.  We are committed to achieving this transformational change."

The Survivors Trust safe space phone line remains available to all members and staff (current and former) who need a safe space to talk about sexual harassment or assault, bullying or victimisation. The line is completely free and completely confidential - you can remain anonymous if you wish and none of your information will be fed back to GMB.

For more details of the GMB Confidential Helpline and Online Support Service please click here 

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