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23 Sep 2020
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Progress on Recommendations

In Spring 2020, GMB commissioned an independent investigation into sexual harassment and our organisational culture.

Published in September 2020, the report makes difficult reading and highlights a number of serious issues that our union must tackle.

The independent investigation found that GMB was institutionally sexist and that bullying and harassment are endemic within our structures. 

As a union we have no option but to face up to the scale of this long-standing problem across the organisation, to apologise - and now work towards the sort of transformational change that is needed to ensure our union lives by the values we fight for every day on behalf of our members.

This page provides a running update on the actions taken by GMB to implement the recommendations in the independent investigation, and to show progress as it is made.

Update from CEC – 22 September 2020 

GMB’s central executive council (CEC) met on Tuesday 22 September to discuss the recently published Monaghan Report and the recommendations that were put forward as a result of the independent investigation.

All the report’s recommendations were agreed in principle and a taskforce will now be set up to start working on implementation.  The taskforce composition was agreed, to include representatives from CEC members and staff, and an external facilitator will be appointed to facilitate the task force. 

Other recommendations that will be adopted, with immediate effect, are the inclusion of the National Equality Officer on the Senior Management Team and that Regional Secretaries will no longer attend CEC meetings for the time being. 

The Monaghan Report cannot be an investigation that is conducted then forgotten about. We will be monitoring and publishing our progress on this webpage, so that our members can see exactly what we are doing and when.  

The Safe Space provided by the Survivors Trust may remain a permanent facility available to members and staff, and this can be accessed here

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