Labour manifesto 'could change millions of lives'

21 Nov 2019
Press Office

Press Office

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GMB, Britain’s general union, has responded to Labour’s election manifesto, released this morning.

Tim Roache, GMB General Secretary, said:

“Anyone who lives in the real world knows that things just aren't working.

“A decade of cuts delivered by out of touch Tory Governments has left our NHS at breaking point, our schools crumbling and local Government on its knees.

“We have a list of crises as long as my arm - a social care crisis, a skills crisis, a manufacturing crisis, a standard of living crisis.

“Food banks are now the norm, insecure work is a business model for bad bosses. The number of homeless people you see every time you walk down the street is heart-breaking. 

“This is the track record Boris Johnson is taking to the ballot box. 

“We need real change, not tinkering around the edges of a system that was built by millionaires, in the interests of millionaires. 

“Labour's manifesto shows how different things could be - the very richest in society paying their fair share to fund services we all rely on and build an economy that works for everyone.  

“There’s a real choice at this election, this manifesto would change the lives of millions of people for the better.”

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