Make water companies legally responsible for dumped raw sewage

25 Nov 2021
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Press Office

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Water companies must be made legally responsible for the untreated sewage they dump, GMB Union says. 

The union has repeated its call as new figures show water companies spilled raw sewage into coastal bathing waters used by holidaymakers and families 5,517 times in the last year, an increase of more than 87%. [1] 

Gary Carter, GMB National Officer, said: 

“Privatised water companies are happy to splash massive sums on shareholder dividends and top brass salaries. [2] 

“But when it comes to infrastructure – and dealing with sewage responsibly – not to mention paying the workers who keep things moving, they suddenly tighten up the purse strings. 

"Enough is enough – the Government must stop ignoring this problem and make water companies legally responsible for the untreated sewage they dump in our waterways.  

“Ultimately private ownership of water companies has failed for the consumers, workers and the environment and it’s time to bring back the tap into public ownership.” 


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