More than 100 Croydon Hospital workers to protest

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Monday 5 February 2024
GMB Trade Union - More than 100 Croydon Hospital workers to protest

More than 100 G4S workers will demonstrate outside Croydon University Hospital

Members of GMB, the union for NHS workers, will be protesting the transfer of their jobs from G4S to ISS, proposed to take place in May .

The affected members work predominantly as cleaners and porters at the hospital.

Helen O’Connor, GMB Regional Organiser, said:

“These workers are vital to the running of this hospital, as without them the hospital trust would simply not be able to function.

“GMB has dealt with ISS before at other NHS sites and as far as we are concerned, this transfer is a case of out of the frying pan, into the fire.

“These workers deserve to be on the same terms and conditions packages – not just pay, but access holiday, sick pay and other benefits – as their colleagues directly employed by the NHS Trust.

“These members will be out in force tomorrow to show how strongly they feel.

“We call on Croydon NHS Trust in the strongest terms to bring these workers back in to the NHS family, where they belong.”

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