NI education workers ready to strike after budget

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Monday 29 April 2024
GMB Trade Union - NI education workers ready to strike after budget

GMB members working in Northern Ireland’s education system say they are ready to strike

Workers are furious after the executive failed to deliver on their pay and grading demands.

The Northern Ireland Finance Minster has said there will be no additional money for the pay and grading review for all school support staff.

Previously, the Department of Finance accepted the business case from the Department of Education that addressed the inequality in pay grades for staff, which should have been addressed in 2018

GMB represents staff in low paid positions such as classroom assistants, cooks, cleaners, catering assistants, drivers and bus escorts along with admin staff and technicians.

This mainly low paid women workforce are either are on temporary contracts, only work term time or are on part-time contracts.

Jim Donley, GMB Regional Officer, said:

“It’s disgraceful and insulting to all GMB members across the country that they have been told that there is no money to fund this pay and grading review.

“Many education services – such as catering, classroom assistants, cleaning and IT - are already crumbling due to recruitment and retention challenges,

“They feel undervalued, disrespected and unless there is a rethink by the minister - make no mistake, there will be a period of industrial action. Morale is at an all-time low.

“We will now engage with members - along with the other education unions - to agree a way forward.”

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