Night workers deserve higher wage and lower retirement age

14 Jun 2022
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Night workers are at greater risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and depression and deserve a higher minimum wage and lower retirement age, GMB congress has been told. 

A total of one in eight employees work nights in sectors such as care, transportation, customer fulfilment, emergency services and health care. 

One in three of those earn less than £10 an hour, while one in eight is on an insecure contract. 

GMB’s annual congress takes place in Harrogate, Yorkshire, from 12 to 16 June. 

Adrian Stohr, a GMB London member and night worker said: 

“It's vital the risks we take to our health working nights is reflected in our pay-packets. It’s not just tough hours, it impacts every aspect of your social and family life too.  

“Annual health checks would help monitor their health and well-being and would help flag up health issues earlier. 

“Women represent two-thirds of night workers and there is a real danger when they walk home late. 

“Employers must put in place measures to ensure their safety getting home. 

“Early retirement with access to our full pension seems only right when a worker’s health has shortened the length of their life or left them with serious and debilitating health issues.  

GMB Union calls for a review of the Health and Safety Executive’s ‘Managing Shift Work’ and an overhaul of night worker’s safety protection rights to ensure they are compensated and protected against these health risks." 

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