Petrol shortage on the cards as oil refinery faces strike action

Posted by GMB Admin
Monday 7 November 2022
GMB Trade Union - Petrol shortage on the cards as oil refinery faces strike action

GMB union members based at Exxonmobil’s Fawley Oil Refinery have voted to take strike action over pay

GMB, the union at Fawley Oil Refinery near Southampton, have issued strike notice to various employers whose workers are based at the site.

Initial strike action will begin on 21 November and will last until 2 December.

The dispute revolves around an Incentive Bonus Arrangement (IBA) which has been previously paid to workers but has been refused.

Bryan Hulley, GMB Regional Organiser said:

“Our members work hard in arduous and hazardous conditions, outside in all weathers, to repair and maintain process units.

“Without their efforts, breakdowns cannot be repaired and maintenance work to prevent breakdowns will not be carried out, so there is a real possibility that supplies of petroleum products could be affected.

“During the pandemic, our members were asked to work a shift system and waived a shift allowance due to the difficult financial situation.

“Given the current cost of living crisis, it is only fair that the employers put their hands in their pockets and reinstate this allowance, to which our members should be entitled.

“Industrial action is the last resort and it is a shame it has come to this, but the employers know where we are if they would like to talk to us.”

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