Sizewell decision needed in weeks or whole project at risk

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Wednesday 20 July 2022
GMB Trade Union - Sizewell decision needed in weeks or whole project at risk

The TUC and General Secretaries of major trade unions have written to the Business Secretary urgently seeking an end to the delay in getting funding for Sizewell C signed off.

The letter expressed urgent concern that time is running out for the Government to make its own commitment to funding the project which will build a new nuclear power station at Sizewell C in Suffolk.

The letter warns that the Government’s proposed funding model, the Regulated Asset Base model (RAB), will only be effective once a Government Investment Decision (GID) is confirmed.

The letter warns:

“We sincerely believe that unless this matter is resolved in the next few weeks, the UK’s nuclear future and the jobs and skills of tens of thousands of nuclear workers will be at risk.”

The Government has made repeated and firm commitments to new nuclear as a long-term solution to the ongoing energy price crisis, but so far firm action has been lacking.

Gary Smith, GMB General Secretary, said:

“There can be no net zero without new nuclear, so why does this Government keep dithering on the big decisions to secure our clean energy future?

“Their indecision is putting the vital new Sizewell reactor at risk.

“This is beginning to look like another in a long line of Government failures, from offshoring green jobs to closing our domestic gas storage – each contributing to the chaotic situation that exists in the UK energy sector.

“It’s time for real action on new nuclear. Our energy future is too important to become victim to another Boris promise – here today, gone tomorrow.”

Sue Ferns, Senior Deputy General Secretary of Prospect, said:

“New nuclear as part of our energy mix is vital to achieving net zero.

“The Prime Minister has promised the earth on this but continued to dither and delay. The Government must now get moving on an investment decision that will be good for energy security, good for jobs and skills, and hugely important in tackling climate change.”

Sharon Graham, Unite General Secretary, said:

“What is the Government waiting for? We have all heard them ‘talk the talk’, now they need to ‘walk the walk’ and get a move on with Sizewell C. The workers are committed to making this facility a success. If the project is put in danger, then the blame will lie firmly with the government.

“Let’s be clear, every day of delay puts energy jobs at risk and hampers the nation’s progress to a mixed energy model. The Government needs to get its act together and move this build forward, now.”

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