Time to stop welsh renewables jobs going to despotic regimes

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Monday 9 May 2022
GMB Trade Union - Time to stop welsh renewables jobs going to despotic regimes

Welsh Government must work with unions and renewables sector to ensure green jobs remain in Wales

GMB, the energy union, says it’s time to stop Welsh renewables jobs going to despotic regimes. 

In a letter to the Economy Minister, Vaughan Gething and Deputy Minister for the Environment, Julie Morgan MS, the union offered support to ensure that jobs are created in Wales for new renewables projects. 

The call comes with Dubai-based company, Lamprell, likely to get a deal to fabricate 200 turbines for new offshore wind farms, to be installed west of Shetland

GMB says without urgent action more jobs and work will continue to go overseas and has called on politicians to bring forward a review on what emergency legislation is needed to finally stop this happening.  

Alongside Hinkley point, GMB has welcomed commitments for new nuclear stations at Wylfa and Sizewell.  

Gary Smith GMB General Secretary said: 

“The sad fact is that the renewables jobs boom we have been promised has not delivered. 

“Just look at Scotland. Right now, fabrication yards lie empty as manufacturing on key offshore wind projects is sent abroad to despotic regimes who offer little protection for workers. 

“Outsourcing this key work overseas is also bad for the environment with turbines shipped thousands of miles back to the UK in diesel burning barges. 

“We know that Welsh Labour ministers are keen to do the right thing and we’re ready to do our part to ensure that every possible piece is fabricated, manufactured, and assembled in Wales and the UK in good, unionised companies. 

“These ‘green jobs’ belong in Wales; we shouldn’t be outsourcing them at a huge cost to Welsh communities and adding a massive carbon footprint to the bill.”

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