Underpaid Asda workers deserve apology

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Tuesday 16 April 2024
GMB Trade Union - Underpaid Asda workers deserve apology

Mohsin Issa needs to apologise and fix the payroll errors at Asda, GMB has said

Issa has been running Asda and has been leading on the change to new payroll and IT systems - leaving the previous Walmart service.

This new system has left thousands of retail and distribution workers underpaid.

Thousands are still waiting to have the errors rectified, and have yet to receive an apology.

These wage errors come as Asda workers are advised by bosses on how to economise.

Suggestions included on a store noticeboard:

  • shower in the gym,
  • bulk out dishes with breadcrumbs or veg stuffing rather than more meat,
  • boil kettle once in a morning and fill a flask for a days worth of cuppas
  • shop the ASDA Just Essentials range.'

Nadine Houghton, GMB National Officer said:

"Paying staff properly is a basic for any employer. And when many of your staff are struggling to make ends meet - it is vital you get this right.

“Cost cutting by slashing staff who processed wage errors means this huge backlog still isn’t resolved and the company are unlikely to have resolved this by next pay day.

“The company used to have pay clerks based locally who could quickly identify and resolve issues. Slashing these to cut costs means that hard working Asda staff suffer.”

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