Mersey Care 'ghosts' workers fired without redundancy pay

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Tuesday 16 April 2024
GMB Trade Union - Mersey Care 'ghosts' workers fired without redundancy pay

50 workers have been fired without redundancy pay by Mersey Care NHS trust

Staff were fired after they could not commit to an 80-mile commute, following a site closure.

Other workers have been offered unsuitable roles in a local trust but can’t accept them due to family and caring responsibilities.

The workers have not received their P45 forms – affecting their ability to claim benefit support or find new jobs.

Michael Clark, GMB Organiser, said:

“It is galling that Mersey Care – tasked with ensuring the wellbeing of mental health for the majority of Merseyside – are showing their loyal workforce so little respect.

“Their actions directly contradict their stated values. It would be one thing for any employer to act this way. But for an NHS trust, tasked to deliver mental health support, to treat workers so poorly is disgraceful.

“Mersey Care need to urgently resolve this situation. Staff need support, communication, and full redundancy payments immediately.

“The very least dedicated health care professionals deserve is to be treated with dignity after their years of service to the trust and our community.”

Claire, a former support worker, said:

“After 24 years of loyal service, I feel abandoned.

“Mersey Care won’t even acknowledge my reasons I could not travel an 80 miles round trip.”

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