NHS trust sacks 50 workers who can't make 80 mile trip

Posted by Jon Parker-Dean
Thursday 28 March 2024
GMB Trade Union - NHS trust sacks 50 workers who can't make 80 mile trip

An NHS trust has sacked more than 50 long-standing staff members.

Workers were dismissed because they can’t make an 80-mile round trip to work following a site closure.

Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust recently closed the Calderstones Hospital site in Mitton Road, Whalley near Blackburn and told more than 50 workers they would now have to work in Aspen Wood, near Liverpool – an 80 mile round trip.

Other members have been offered unsuitable roles in a local trust but can’t accept them due to family and caring responsibilities.

Those who wouldn’t, or couldn’t make the trip will now be sacked, without redundancy pay, on Easter Sunday.

Michael Clark, GMB Organiser, said:

“These loyal workers will be sacked on Easter Sunday, leaving them with dashed hopes and uncertain futures instead of chocolate eggs and roast dinners.

"Mersey Care's insistence on average an 80-mile commute per shift is unreasonable.

“By disregarding members with family and caring responsibilities and offering unsuitable alternatives, the trust is failing its duty of care to them.

“These employees deserve better treatment and if required, the redundancy they are rightfully entitled to."

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