Waltham Forest bin strike moves closer

Posted by GMB Admin
Thursday 8 September 2022
GMB Trade Union - Waltham Forest bin strike moves closer

Next step could mean a formal strike ballot of Waltham Forest refuse workers

A Waltham Forest bin strike has moved closer after workers voted they were ready to take industrial action. 

Refuse workers employed by Urbaser, the company with the Waltham Forest bins contract, voted 96.4 per cent they were ready to down tools over pay. 

GMB is calling on the company to put forward a realistic pay offer, as well as a company sick pay. 

Currently workers, whose job exposes the to contagious diseases and injuries, have to live on statutory sick pay of just £99 per week if the are hurt at work. 

Michael Dooley, GMB London Organiser, said: 

“GMB members are angry and feel let down by the company.  

“We do not know what Urbaser is thinking in offering 3 per cent as a pay increase next year and denying a company sick pay scheme. 

“It feels like they are provoking conflict. members of both GMB and Unite are not in any position to accept a pay deal that is so one-sided towards an employer.  

“GMB and Unite members will now meet at depots in Waltham Forest to discuss the next steps.  

“After this ballot result, the next step could mean a formal strike ballot of Waltham Forest refuse workers. 

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