Welsh social carers betrayed by the Tories

09 Jul 2020
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GMB, the union for social care workers, has accused the government of 'cynically exploiting the Clap for Carers campaign' and betraying workers, after they refused to exempt the Welsh Governments £500 bonus payment to social carers from Tax.

The Welsh Government has today confirmed that they were unable to negotiate a deal with the Treasury to exempt the payment from National insurance contributions, Tax or from the affect the payment will have on Universal credit claiments.

The First Minister, Mark Drakeford made the announcement on 1st May that the payment was to recognise the Social care workforce for their efforts in working through the Covid pandemic

The news will be a huge blow for thousands of social carers across Wales, who have risked their own health and the health of their families to care for some of Wales' most vunerable residents.

Kelly Andrews GMB Social care lead said:

"The Tories have really shown their true colours in the last week. After cynically exploiting the clap for carers it’s clear that they really don’t care about our Social careworkers.

“In fairness the Welsh Government are in a no win situation, even if they topped up the scheme this would then put more back to the chancellors pocket and not in the pay packets of our social care heroes.

"This is a bertayal of our Care workforce. The highly skilled workers deserved to be recognised for their commitment, not have their bonus snatched away from them by the Chancellor."

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