Westminster should 'Sit up and take notice of Wales'

Posted by GMB Admin
Friday 5 June 2020
GMB Trade Union - Westminster should 'Sit up and take notice of Wales'

GMB union have praised the Welsh Government for extending the £500 bonus scheme to care staff on the frontline fighting COVID19.

GMB, the union for social care workers, has welcomed the First Ministers decision to extend the Welsh Governments bonus scheme to include ancillary and Nursing staff in Welsh Care sector.

The move will see the bonus payment of £500 extended to thousands of hard-pressed care staff alongside their colleagues in recognition of all their hard work in fighting COVID 19. [2] 

Whilst initially the Welsh Government had said the payment should be tax free the Treasury in London is now insisting the payment is not exempt from tax because ‘it is made in connection with employment’ - a move GMB describes as picking the pockets of hard-working care staff. [3] 

Kelly Andrews, GMB Organiser said: 

“This is fantastic news; it means that all staff recognised for the important part they play in providing social care during this pandemic. 

“We’ve been involved in discussions and we’re really pleased that the First Minister has taken consideration of our members views on this. 

“It’s now time for the Westminster Government to sit up and take notice on how you care for our carers like we are in Wales. They should start changing track and they should begin by immediately scrapping the stealth tax they’ve whacked on our carers”. 

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