The fight for Black Lives Matter

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Saturday 6 June 2020
GMB Trade Union - The fight for Black Lives Matter

The GMB stands in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement today and every day.

GMB sends its condolences to the family of George Floyd who was murdered by a white police officer.

We also remember Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade and many others killed by the police in just the US over the last few weeks. We stand in solidarity with all those fighting for justice which must be achieved by holding those responsible for the murders fully to account.

We stand too by all people of colour protesting systemic racism, fighting for equality whilst facing state violence.

Racism, fascism and the exploitation of people of colour is not a new phenomenon, and as Trade unionists, we must continue to fight racism in all it’s forms, from closing the race pay gap, to demanding full race health and equality.

Together we all have a part to play in dismantling structural and institutional oppression in the workplace and in society. This is why GMB has been leading the call for an independent public inquiry #WeNeedAnswers.

Hundreds have joined us and you can add your support below.

Visit #WeNeedAnswers

Taranjit Chana, GMB National Equality Race Lead said:

"As BAME trade unionists, wherever our workplace or industry, we feel the pain, hurt, and anger globally at yet another racist murder of a black person at the hands of the state.

"For many BAME workers it brings up personal experiences of police brutality, racism and stereotyping. BAME workers tell us they do not feel safe in their own streets and we know that under COVID 19 many of our BAME members are fearful as the impact of this virus has dis-proportionally impacted the community.

"We've also seen the emergency laws under stop and search disproportionately effect young black men. We also know that the UK cannot exonerate itself with over 1,500 deaths in police custody /detention in the UK including Mark Duggan, Sarah Reid, Joy Gardener, Vandana Patel, Roger Sylvester, Colin Roach, Sheko Bayou, Brian Douglas, Sarah Thomas, Smiley Culture to name a few.

"GMB Race network sends solidarity to BAME workers and our communities at this painful and terrifying time, we will continue to fight for black worker rights. You are not alone, your union is here for you"

Our National Secretary for Public Services shared her thoughts in the Huffington Post this week.

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