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Last update: 26 Oct 2023
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Deliveroo GMB Joint Partnership Council Meeting 23.10.22

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Dear GMB member,

Please see below an update on the meeting held with Deliveroo yesterday.

Waiting time in restaurants

A big issue for our members is the time you have to wait in restaurants for orders to be ready – these delays are costing you money. We have been working with Deliveroo for months to improve waiting time and this is starting to see results. The more information we have on this issue the better. Complete our survey at

Respect campaign

We made a lot of progress on an exciting campaign which we will launch soon to make sure that all riders and drivers are treated with respect by restaurants.

Dealing with issues

We now have an agreed process for raising collective issues through the union. If you and group of other riders have issues, let us know. This could be a particular restaurant getting orders wrong, or making you wait excessively, or it could be that you think pay has been calculated unfairly. Let us know if there are any issues in your area we can help with.

Slow Service policy

Members have raised concerns about how Deliveroo decides if a rider has been delivering orders too slowly. Your reps spoke passionately about the issue to senior management at Deliveroo. They have listened to our concerns and are looking at their policies.

Warnings and offboarding

If you have any issues with your account, you should let us know as soon as possible so that the union can represent you. Deliveroo have agreed to extend the time limit for cases to be brought to 3 months. Any riders you know in your area should join the union to be protected on Select ‘part-time’ for the courier rate of £8.40 to get full protection.


A number of the partnerships, where riders can get benefits through Deliveroo, are working well. In particular, thousands of riders had taken up the offer of free coffees through Caffe Nero.


If you have ideas for partnerships we can recommend, let us know.


We continue to raise the issue of pay. In particular at the meeting we discussed how pay is calculated for bike and e-bike riders.

WATCH the update from Tahir Mahmood, GMB National Rep.


In solidarity,

Your National GMB Team

Deliveroo riders now have a trade union.

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Through GMB’s agreement with Deliveroo, riders now have access to:

  • Sick pay for riders for 2 weeks - currently at £245 per week
  • A one-off grant for new parents of £1,000
  • Free accident and third party insurance
  • A Joint Council with Deliveroo for GMB members to agree policies affecting earnings, safety, diversity and benefits
  • The right to be represented by GMB on issues at work
  • The right to elect GMB representatives

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